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Selecting and Purchasing an Item in the Geolmaps.com Web Catalogue

As you have got this far, you have discovered the main menu, the top tool bar. The Regional menu items refer to Maps, our main interest. For some countries where we have many maps there are sub-sections; those of the Geological Survey maps of that country are listed separately from non-survey maps found in journals, books, or privately published. For maps of the British Isles, where different scales and series are involved, there are further sub-sub-sections. Instruction on using the submenus are shown on the image - Map, listings page with submenu. Where we offer many maps from a national geological survey, we include an index map showing the sheet layout and numbering. We trust that the sections and sub-sections will be self-explanatory with a bit of exploration, but we are always happy to answer any questions if you email us with our contact form.

Over the years, we have expanded from maps into books and illustrations. Under the Main Menu you can select these. Sub-menus offer a mixture of regional and topical sections which, again, we hope are self-explanatory. But, if not, we can help with if you email us with our contact form..

When you get to the sectional list of interest, you can see an enlargement of the map, book or figure by clicking on the ‘thumbnail’ of the image. On some survey lists, we have only illustrated selected examples; however, we are happy to take and send a photograph of any unillustrated items and of details that you wish to confirm on a particular map. We have a much larger stock than is listed, so if you do not see what you want or, if you have any other questions, please email us with our contact form.

The webpage extract (Map listing page) shows the layout and the parts of the page as described.

When you have chosen a map, book or illustration of interest, please email us with our contact form to confirm that we still have it and how much the postage will be. Please quote the Section title shown directly under the Main Menu in the gray box, the catalogue number and the author and/or title. Postage is at cost, but considering the size of some maps and weight of some books, this may be significant and worth discussing. We will combine items for posting, where shapes allow (flat maps are sent in tubes, folded maps and books in packages). In the UK, there is no VAT or sales tax on published material or on ‘second-hand’ goods.

When the price is established, and you wish to buy, our preferred method of payment is by PayPal which enables you to use a credit or debit card and which handles currency exchange where this is relevant. We do not directly accept credit or debit cards. Alternatively, we are happy to accept cheques drawn on a sterling account or, if you visit us, cash.

You are welcome to visit us to examine our stock. We work from home in West London close to Portobello Lane market and within 5 minutes walk of the Ladbroke Grove tube station. Please email us with our contact form first to arrange a date and time and we will send our address and directions. As much of our material is in plan chests and files, it is helpful to know your particular interest, so that we can have a selection ready for you to look at.

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