aribbean, Martinique. 1902. Mt. Pelee eruption photograph

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Caribbean, Martinique. 1902. La Montagne Pelee et ses Eruptions, La nuee ardente du 16 Decembre, 1902 se dirigeant vers la mer. Plate 9. Contemporary publication by Masson & Co., of photograph, by A. Lacroix, of the hot ash flow at the mid-slope position. Sheet area 30.5 x 40cm, plate area 18 x 24.5cm. The height of the ash cloud was 2200m according to the caption. Printed on heavy cartridge paper with clear plate impression. The production is referred to as a heliograph by L. Schutzenberger. Image sharp and clear. Slight soiling picks out plate edge. Light foxing in upper left margins extending into the photo area. Stamp of J. Lavis Johnston on back.In fair to good condition.