Horizontal Section No. 14 (1867) 1. Pyrton Passage to Kingscote Park, Gloucs.; 2. Saltford Station, to Slaughterford; 3. Dodington Park to Almondsbury. Geological Survey of GB. 2nd edition.

Geological Survey of England & Wales

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Horizontal Section No.14 (1867) 1. From Pyrton Passage, through Cam Long Down and Uley Bury, to Kingscote Park, Gloucestershire. 2. From the Great Western Railroad, near Saltford Station, to the Box Valley, near Slaughterford. 3. From Dodington Park, by Winterbourn, to the Severn Flats, near Almondsbury. Geological Survey of GB. 2nd edition. Located on Old Series one-inch maps 19 and 35. Hand coloured engraving 69

About England & Wales Sections

These hand-coloured engraved ‘horizontal’ sections at six inch to one mile scale were published in the mid 19th century by the Geological Survey of England and Wales. The detailed profiles generally follow the geological dip on the one inch Old Series maps numbered in the upper right hand margin and the  profile locations are shown on these maps which themselves did not include a section.