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Sheet 142 drift.** New Series 1". Melton Mowbray, 1909.

Geological Survey of England & Wales

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Sheet 142 drift.** New Series 1". Melton Mowbray, 1909. 12" x18" (30.5 x 45.6cm). Flat.Condition: Good. 

About the England & Wales One Inch New Series

In 1900, the Geological Survey of England and Wales, when it introduced colour printing, formally adopted the already existing New Series of the Ordnance Survey one inch to the mile topographic maps. The New Series geological maps included geological sections, although we have a few trial hand-coloured New Series maps from the 1890s without sections. The New Series had a uniform map size and a systematic sheet layout and numbering system which continues in use for geological maps to this day.

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