Sheet  47, Old Series 1". 1884. Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex: Hertford, Sudbury.

Geological Survey of England & Wales

  • £55.00

Topography date omitted, geology revised to 1884 for drift which is not coloured,  coloured 1930. Hand-coloured engraving, 68.5 x 101.5cm, flat, old folds. stencilled sheet numbers in three corners. Soiled on folds where exposed when folded. A curiosity of this sheet is that it was designed to displayed with sheets to the east, southeast and south and therefore the borders on the east and south sides were omitted. Colours bright. In fair to good condition.

About the England & Wales One Inch Old Series

The Geological Survey of England and Wales used the Old Series of the Ordnance Survey topographic map at a scale of one inch to the mile as its basemap, initially. These engraved basemaps were published and revised between 1805 and 1885; the sheet sizes varied and the layout and numbering system were eccentric. The Old Series geological maps were hand-coloured and without geological sections, which were published separately. The GS of E&W published the Old Series from 1850 to 1900, when it switched to the colour printing and the New Series one inch maps. However, old stock of the Old Series continued to be issued, hand-coloured, until the 1930s.

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