Wallace, William, 1862. The Laws which Regulate the Deposition of Lead Ore in Veins; illustrated by an Examination of the Geological Structure of the Mining Districts of Alston Moor.

  • £210.00

London: Edward Stanford, 258 +1xiv pp. Includes ‘Map of the Alston-Moor and Coal-Cleugh Mining Districts’, folded colour print (56.5 x 71cm) at 1:31680 1”=0.5 miles. Hardback, (24 x 16cm), in maroon embossed cloth-covered binding in map pocket between back end paper and cover. 21 colour and b&w printed pates including two fold-out colour sections and one folded map in pocket. Bumped with torn cloth at corners, binding sound but hinges slightly loose.  The covers front and back have had spill damage which has leached out the colour and has water-marked the folding map in pocket but not text. The map has old repairs to folds with cellotape which has stained brown and remain attached. The edges of the map have grey water stains in panels in closest to cover. The map remains completely legible. The text is age-toned but clean and the colour plates bright. From p157 onward, the pages are uncut. Cover in poor to fair condition. Map in poor to fair condition. Text and figures in good to very good condition. Rare. The counties of Northumberland, Westmoreland and Durham meet on Alston Moor aka as Aldstone Moor on some early maps.