Geological Maps of Oxfordshire

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Dear All,

I would like to assure you that, as we work from home, Nineteenth Century Geological Maps is continuing to operate. Under the current anti-Covid19 instructions, my daily walk to the nearby Post Office, and delivery of purchases has not been affected, so far. However, the situation is evolving and may impact on us, but I will keep you informed. Please check our COVID-19 page for up to date details, or feel free to contact me for current delivery advice.

A silver lining is the increased amount of time available to describe, photograph and upload a large backlog of interesting material, and here is the first instalment – on Oxfordshire and environs.

Oxfordshire’s place in the history of geology is long, from Doctor Plot, through William Smith, John Phillips to W.J. Arkell. We have just acquired Smith’s 1823 Geological Map of Oxfordshire - and we also have several affordable reproductions including this reproduced extract from Smith's 1815 map of England and Wales

We also have added several interesting books on Oxfordshire and adjacent Jurassic sites in the south of England:

With best wishes for your good health,

John Henry

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